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Stillwater Artisanal Action Bronson's 7000 Sour
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Stillwater Artisanal Action Bronson's 7000 Sour

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4.5% ABV - Sour Ale

Dry hopped sour ale with muscat grapes.
It’s fresh, floral and funky - with notes of apricot, grapefruit and fresh grass - lightweight at only 5% ABV, and comes served in a 16oz bright-orange can. Blurring the line between beer and wine, it’s a perfect summer crusher for those looking for distinctive flavor and experience. 

The 7000 label art, designed in collaboration with Mike Van Hall (@opprobriations), is a punchy reflection of Bronson's corresponding album of the same name. 

With an equally unconventional approach to life, work and art, (and a mutual appreciation for super-natural wines and terpy dabs) Brian and Action make an excellent synergetic match. As fate would have it, they met a few years ago as neighbors and that’s where the story began. This beer is a culmination of many creative sessions and studio hangs - born of their desire to produce something equally unique and exciting.

Untappd Rating 3.97 / Beer Advocate Rating 4.1

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