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Matchless Brewing 'the Jacket' English Brown Porter
Buy Matchless Brewing 'the Jacket' English Brown Porter Online
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Matchless 'The Jacket' English Porter

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5.20% ABV - English Brown Porter

This the third installment of the double mash series. Built around a huge oatmeal stout recipe with plenty of brown malt to make it push coffee notes, big chocolate and subtle smoke. I mean subtle, don't start deleting that email order just yet. It's a Brown ale style! Think of all the people that turn away from pubs everyday because the only thing on tap close, is a Guinness. This beer is like that designer jacket you see sitting on the shelf. It looks really good, "thousand dollars" good. The inside lining may be ridiculous but so is life with everyone not enjoying such a good brown porter. Why call it a English brown porter? It was brewed with authentic ingredients and meant to taste like one. The hop character is present but doen't linger. Milk chocolate aromatics are complimented with a perfectly balanced body and nice caramel, nutella and burnt toast notes.

Untappd Rating 3.86/ Beer Advocate Rating 3.75

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