Firestone Walker UnderCurrants American Wild Ale
Firestone Walker UnderCurrants American Wild Ale 375ml Description
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Firestone Walker Under Currants American Wild Ale

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6.3% ABV - American Wild Ale

In 2018 we challenged ourselves to using an array of fruit new to our palates and practices. When offered a high quality, freshly picked Black Currant sample, we couldn't resist. We present to you a metamorphosis for your sense. Using 12-36 month aged Agrestic Ale as a base, to which we add1.5lbs/gal Black Currants, the beer undergoes the final maturation in our French Oak "Fruiders" for an additional four months. A convergence of supple tanning and deep purple pigments, gooseberry jam, a month-watering acidity and earthy leather elicit notes of a beer having vinous roots. A new variant to one Barrelworks pioneers is born. Santé!

Untappd Rating 4.13 / Beer Advocate Rating 4.24

375ml Bottle