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Dugges Bryggeri Coffee Imperial Stout
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Dugges Bryggeri

Dugges Bryggeri Coffee Imperial Stout

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12.0% ABV - Imperial Stout

Follow our journey as we flavor it out towards the perfect Stout. Step by step, beer by beer, on and on. Forever! This is Coffee. A big imperial stout brewed with coffee to really pack that coffee-punch. Get it? Coffee!

Coffee is one of two inaugural stouts brewed for us at Dugges under the Twelve Percent beer project in the USA. For this first trip over we did not mean to brew stouts. We were supposed to brew IPAs. But, since the government at the time was shut down, with no-one there to approve our labels and you don’t want IPAs to sit, we quickly had to come up with another idea. Basing the beers on a grand neo-classic Dugges recipe and then giving them American flavors was that idea. Enjoy!

Untappd Rating 4.12 / Beer Advocate Rating 4.33

16oz Can