Against The Grain London Balling Barley Wine

Against the Grain

Against The Grain London Balling Barley Wine

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12.5% ABV - Barley Wine

Balls Deep!

Big, ballsy, barmy and barrel aged. London balling is not typical. It's a skirmish of flavor. The barrel imparts oak and vanilla, mixed with the caramel sweetness from a malt bill with brick, that'll knock your bloody bollocks around. Hey bloke?...fancy that, and you'll be gobsmacked.

English style barleywine brewed with Maris Otter pale, Aromatic and caramel malts, then balanced with English Nugget and Kent Goldings hops. Aged in Angel’s Envy bourbon barrels for nearly 3 months.

Untappd Rating 4.03 / Beer Advocate Rating 4.18

16oz Can