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2018 3-Way IPA from Fort George, Modern Times & Holy Mountain
Fort George 3-Way IPA Cans

Fort George

Fort George 3-Way IPA Cans

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7.2% ABV - IPA

Among the swelling base and heavily hopped riffs, a uniting dissonance appears. Wheat and oats load in sustained distortion and vast amounts of feedback. From the Juice yeast emerges an ethereal realm with suspended ambient fruit and lupulin resonance. Aromatic and resinous, the primal essence of Modern Times, Holy Mountain, and Fort George rises like a Monolith….no, make that a Triolith of IPA reverence. 3-Way IPA, reverberating across the Pacific Northwest starting June 2018.

An Epic collaboration between heavy hitters Holy Mountain (WA), Fort George (OR) and Modern Times (CA). This is a limited edition beer and this is it's final can release. Price for 4-16oz cans. Enjoy as soon as you receive it.

Untappd Rating 4.24 / Beer Advocate Rating 4.09

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