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Ghostfish Brewing Company

At Ghostfish Brewing Company, they are reinventing beer from the ground up.

It starts with their use of unusual malted grains: millet, buckwheat, and brown rice.
All produced in small batches in dedicated gluten-free facilities.

From there, they apply true northwest craft spirit, using choice Northwest-grown hops and other local ingredients to create our diverse portfolio of boundary-pushing craft beers.

Ghostfish Brewing Company is a brewery with a mission: to elevate gluten-free beer to the forefront of craft brewing innovation.  All three of their founders are either gluten-intolerant themselves or have loved ones who are, so theyare acutely aware of how the craft brewing revolution has left gluten-intolerant drinkers behind. They believe fate has brought us together to help rectify that!

Ghostfish combines traditional brewing methods with non-traditional ingredients in a constantly-evolving repertoire of beer styles.