What's New the Week of 10/22: Cloudburst, Collaborations and Gluten-Free Choices

The fog has settled in here in Seattle letting us know that it is just as cold and as colorful as a good October should be. We are in a very transitional beer stage. It should be high 'pumpkin beer' season but in reality retailers are moving through their last supplies of yam beers just before their prospective holiday. That means holiday beers are just around the corner, and while that may seem soon we certainly are ready for the winter warmers here in Washington.

Collaborations of Note

Buy Cloudburst & Gigantic Collaboration Beer Online

We just added two Hazy IPAs to the site that are of considerable note. The first is from Gigantic Brewing out of Portland, a veritable IPA hub, and Seattle draft powerhouse Cloudburst Brewing. Now we admit that we live outside of Seattle and unfortunately that means that Cloudburst doesn't even grace us with their draft presence out here. That means finding anything they brew in any package is always a rare treat. This 'Cloudbursting' IPA is no exception and at a comfortable 6.49 price point you might as well buy two. Or three. 

The second hazy collaboration is between fan favorite Ecliptic Brewing and one of our personal favorite breweries Modern Times. Since one is based in Portland and the other has a secondary Portland brewery it makes sense that they would come together on a beer that expresses both of their expertise; the IPA. You can take our word for it that this beer doesn't disappoint or you can look at the 4.0 Untappd rating. Remember, Untappd does not favor IPAs so anything even approaching a 4 is generally outstanding. Find it HERE.

Beer for People Who Usually Can't Partake, and It's Delicious

Buy Ghostfish Lunar Harvest Online

Our first exposure to Ghostfish brewing right here in Seattle Washington was actually through their Spring release 'Gosefish' a gose made with hibiscus and cranberries. We absolutely loved the beer and while we don't personally need to be gluten free we understood that not only was gluten free beer hard to find but to discover gluten free beer that could hold its own with its glutenous craft counterparts, now that was something. We just released Ghostfish's best selling Grapefruit IPA as well as their seasonal yam beer the 'Lunar Harvest' as well as a their highly rated imperial IPA the 'Peak Buster.' We hope that through these offerings we can help everyone who wants to enjoy great craft beer.

Oh, and We Sell Cider Too

Buy Seattle Cider Online

Seattle is a hub for craft cider. With our natural bounty of apples it makes perfect sense that locals decided that the best thing to do with their leftover harvest was to ferment them. Seattle Cider is the first Seattle cider since prohibition and while they may be Seattle's largest cidery their dedication to craft cider has not wavered. Their semi-sweet cider may be their most famous but we much prefer their seasonal, herbal and limited varietals. Seattle Ciders are naturally gluten free and they come in perfect 16oz cans that are perfect for quenching your thirst. Find their Basil Mint, Tangerine Tumeric and Berry Rose ciders HERE and stay tuned for even more delicious cider releases coming soon. 

Thanks for checking in with us this week! We usually have no releases on Thursdays or Fridays so check back in for even more delicious beverages to choose from. Cheers!

-the PJ's Market Team.