Age it in a Barrel and It's Automatically Better, Right?

Barrel aged beers are a big trend and the moment. To some it's a fad, to others it's a new complexity that they can't live without. The styles of beer that lend themeselves to barrel aging are sours and dark beers. This week we are releasing a select group from two local breweries that are bringing something new to the table with their barrel aging programs.

Silver City

Buy Barrel Aged Silver City Beers Online-

Silver City is often known for it's easy drinking IPAs and it's award winning Red but their barrel aging program is something you have to taste to believe.  Whether it's a beer made by barrel aging (American Wild) or a barrel aged version of a regular favorites (Magnificent Bastard & Giant Made of Shadows)  these are beers you won't want to miss anytime you come across them. Shop Silver City Barrel Aged Beers HERE.

Buy Barrel Aged Breakside Beers Online

Oregon favorite Breakside has also shown it's barrel aged chops with their limited edition 2018 releases. If sours aren't quite your think their Gin Barrel aged imperial Witbier will be right up your alley with it's light almost blonde style flavor. For more of a full-flavored experience try their Sour limited edition beers. Shop Barrel Aged Breakside Beers HERE. 

Buy Avery Barrel Aged Beer Online

Last, but certainly not least we have Avery's powerhouse Barrel Aged program. If you love imperial stouts, whiskey, bourbon and rum, these are the beers for you! Not for the faint of heart the lowest ABV of these bad boys clocks in at a weighty 13%. But if you love flavor, it's worth every sip. Shop Avery's Barrel Aged Program Here. 

Barrel Aged beers to us are a way to add even more interest and complexity to a category we already love. Stay tuned for even more Barrel Aged Programs in the future.